Manage your production planning and economic forecast

GreenPlan is planning software designed for pot plant growers.
GreenPlan is highly focused on precise timing of sale and has a number of features making it
easy to assure that the right mix of varieties and colours will be available in due time.
GreenPlan makes it immediately visible for the planner, whether a production is candidate for
up scaling or down scaling.

  • Forecast earning at crop level
  • Plan after your peak sales
  • Planning on day or week level
  • Overview of production and consumption of cuttings
  • Multiple cultivation recipes per variety
  • Graphical plan over your space consumption
  • Calculate the culture’s consumption of heat, electricity, CO2 and growth light
  • Price calculator for Added Value

Benefits for the user:

  • Easy use
  • Easy look at planning alternatives
  • Production plan and budget in the same process
  • Quick overview of profit, costs or hours consumption
  • Quick presentations to colleges on screen or handouts




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